We provide community and supported living for adults with a range of learning abilities and disabilities. Here at Camphill Milton Keynes Communities we have houses at our Willen and Pennyland sites but we also work with people who live outside of our community. We can help with managing medications, practical support in the home as well as neighbour issues, finances, health and anything else that individuals and families may need support with.

Referrals can come from anywhere but most often will come from a social worker or similar. Please contact us if you would like to know more.


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Here at Camphill Milton Keynes Communities, we run a varied program of workshops designed to teach new skills and provide valuable work and life experiences all in a fully supported environment. We run Land Craft, Gardens, Bakery, Café, Shop, Theatre, Art & Craft, Tech Lab and Newsletter workshops. They are not only creative but are specifically designed to provide meaningful and rewarding experiences. The workshops run throughout the year and service users can opt in or out according to their interests and goals.

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Community is a key part to life here at Camphill Milton Keynes. As well as our workshops we also have regular events and activities open to everyone. One of the rather unique things about us is that we work hard to ‘build community’ by getting people involved in projects that are not much to do with their work but create social and cultural activity where we all have a part to play. We host regular events that are for our community but also for the public. We host performances in our theatre, our café and are open daily, and we also host craft fairs that not only showcase our own skills but also the wider community’s.

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  • parents and families

    Parents and Families Area

    At Camphill Milton Keynes Communities we want to consult, involve and inform all of our Residents, Families & Friends, Staff and Partners.  Our dedicated Parents and Families area shares information and resources for our residents families and staff.

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    Music Event for Children

    Children who experience domestic violence usually think that they are guilty, they live in a constant fear and there are more likely to be victims of child abuse.

    Every hour, approximately 115 children are abused. Help to stop this!

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    Charity Event

    Children who experience domestic violence usually think that they are guilty, they live in a constant fear and there are more likely to be victims of child abuse.

    Every hour, approximately 115 children are abused. Help to stop this!

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working in care

Working in Care

Every day is different in social care. Helping others, having compassion and patience are the key skills in becoming a support worker. You don’t even need qualifications to start, just a real love of people!
We’ve been speaking to our support workers about working in care, their motivation, what each day is like and what advice they would give to those considering a career working in care.


CMKC: What’s your name and your current position?

JA: James Asomaning and I am a support worker.


CMKC: What attracted you to work in social care?

JA: I realised there’s a continually increasing number of people who genuinely need care and support and since I had the passion for supporting others who need it, I saw it as an excellent opportunity to make a positive and helpful contribution to people’s lives each day.


CMKC: What do you find most rewarding working in social care?

JA: The joy and fulfilling feeling that I am helping to make someone’s life more meaningful and a little easier each day through my role as a support worker.


CMKC: What is your typical day like at Camphill?

JA: All days are not the same, but typically, it starts by checking the house in which I work to ensure all is well and safe for all residents. I interact with each resident to find out if they have any concerns or issue regarding their health or wellbeing that needs urgent attention. I continue with administering medication and assisting those who self-medicate to ensure there are no accidents. I check for all appointments and allocate escorts, help residents get ready and set for their individual routines and workshops, arrange transportation, help with personal support time then followed by domestic duties and finally ensure supper is freshly prepared before all residents return to the house.

The evenings are usually climaxed with either a recreational or educational activity, followed by personal grooming assistance, night medication etc. After that, it’s goodnight to residents and preparation for the following day.


CMKC: What’s your most memorable experience working in Camphill/social care?

JA: Each day comes with great memories of its own, but it’s a great joy when residents gather in the theatre for community events, music and drama among others. Seeing how happy they are and offering the support they need is very fulfilling.


CMKC: What do you hope to achieve working in Camphill/Social care?

JA: To make a positive impact on the lives of the residents depending on their individual needs. Willing to do what I can to make their lives better as well as help maintain and improve on the good working standards and person-centred care and support already in practice at Camphill or where ever my services as a support worker would be required.


CMKC: What advice would you give to those who are considering a career in Camphill/social care?

JA: Working in social care comes with its challenges, but it is also rewarding and fulfilling knowing that you are offering support and care to individuals who actually need and it and whose lives won’t be the same without it. So if you have the passion, compassion and patience, then you are making the right decision.


We’re Recruiting!


We are seeking to recruit fantastic individuals to fill several rewarding opportunities.
These are fantastic opportunities to develop skills and create a living and working community where people with learning disabilities and those who support them may reach their full potential in the spirit of lifelong learning and development.

We are specifically looking for:

House Coordinator


Support Workers

Bank (Relief) Support Worker


If this is you, or someone you know, please get in touch and visit our Current Vacancies page for all current vacancies.



Bakery Closure 18th – 30th March

Dear Camphill Bread lovers!
Please stock up on our fresh bread this week (fill your freezers to the brim!) as our fresh bread will be unavailable for two weeks from 18th-30th March.‍
We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.


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