Mission and Vision Statements

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a living and working community where people with learning disabilities and those who support them may reach their full potential in the spirit of life long learning.

Vision Statement

We want to see a world where each person is appreciated and accepted for their unique abilities. We envisage a center where people with special needs are encouraged and supported to reach their potential through the experience of living and working in community with others.

At Camphill Milton Keynes Communities we strive to create a community that is both supportive and empowering to all.

Our goal is to provide a strong supportive center where residents can gain self-confidence and personal independence within a safe and enabling community environment. We wish to support them in leading as independent a life as is possible for them and that they choose, within the context of the wider community.

We believe that when everyone, residents and staff, live and work closely together with support and understanding, we will create a strong community where residents can choose and find meaning and joy in their lives and in their work, where their particular contributions are valued, and where their thoughts and ideas are listened to in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

We recognise the uniqueness of each individual within our community so that each person is able to reach their full potential. We wish to create an environment in which we can express our individual spiritual striving. We aim to provide and access life long learning opportunities, from both within and outside of our community, for all.

A suburban environment enables us to benefit from this unique opportunity – through our café, theatre, bakery, and garden produce – for our residents to integrate into the wider community, including through volunteering. This allows us to challenge preconceived ideas about disability.

We believe that, through the dignity of work, residents can enjoy both inspiration and fulfillment, and we therefore seek to ensure that our current workshops allow for this, as well as creating new workshops that would provide for such meaningful work.

We recognise the changing needs of the elderly residents and co workers and wish to make provision for these needs in the form of suitable accommodation, as well as therapeutic, artistic, craft and other activities.

In the spirit of partnership we wish to work with families and other interested parties to create and implement a variety of stimulating and interesting life, work, cultural and social activities, both within our community and outside of it.

July 2011



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