Our CEO describes himself as a chap ‘not known for his sentimentality’, although we don’t quite agree! The following story is one he heard many years ago when working in mental health. He recently referred to it when discussing how hard someone found it to be consistently kind to others. That feeling of weariness or compassion fatigue when people perhaps don’t change despite repeated sustained attempts to help. A feeling of ‘running out of kindness’, is how he described it. You may have heard the story before or a different version. Food for thought, none-the-less!

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Life at Camphill MK Communities can be rewarding, challenging and beneficial for many people. For anyone considering becoming a resident, we’ve published a series of interviews with community members about living, working and volunteering at CMKC.

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Our inevitable goal is to reduce waste wherever we can! We’ve been recycling, reusing and upcycling more than ever. With the run-up to Earth Day on 22nd April, we wanted to do even more and have introduced REFILL items to our wide range of ethical products in our Shop.

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Bees are natural pollinators so without them; we would have no crops! No level of involvement by humans can replace our buzzy friends, and we wanted to tell you a little bit more about how vital they really are and what we can do to help their survival.

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