The newsletter group meets each week to discuss, plan, write and publish Camphill’s newsletter. There is a different group in the morning to who comes along in the afternoon.

The group is currently lef by co-worker Vanessa and Mohammed

The Newsletter is an important part of Camphill Life. It is written by our Camphill Residents with the support of our co-workers. It goes out every 2 months.

The newsletter is really a great opportunity to get the voice of our residents our there and heard.

With the support of our co workers residents design, plan and create the newsletter.

Residents will work together as a group or suggest and discuss possibly topics that they are interested in and that would we great for the Camphill Community to hear about as well. This is celebrating and sharing community evetns through words, photos and video, residents to talk about their holidays, trips or outings and what experiences they have had, interviews with staff and other residents. Outside events people have been to , extra out of hours activities, artwork by our residents and coworkers and theatre reviews.

The Newsletter and the Newsletter group give our residents the opportunity to talk about the things they want ot talk about and to share the stories, work or expereinces that are important to them. Its also a place to celebrate the talents and acheivements of our residents here at Camphill MK.

Residents suggest and discuss possible topics and then work together to agree what to work on for each coming newsletter. Then each resident will

Wrking together, creative thinking, planning, writing and developing IT kills.

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