Our Baskets & Crafts workshop is situated in our arts and craft studio in our Pennyland site.  It provides a calm and relaxing environment where adults with learning disabilities can learn basketry skills and work on other creative projects with the guidance of our experienced workshop leader and the support of our co-workers.

Baskets Workshop

Working with the baskets is incredibly relaxing, therapeutic and a great way to reduce stress. The weaving itself helps to develop fine motor skills and creative thinking. It can also help to develop a sense of patience and perseverance to keep on working on a project until it’s done.

Our residents learn the steps involved in basket weaving and will go on to produce a wide range of high quality cane baskets.  At the beginning of each project our workshop leader works with each resident to decide on the design, colour and size of the basket that they would like to make and then will support them to create and complete the basket each step of the way.

All of the baskets created within our workshops are used within our houses and our community areas and are also very popular in our Shop.

There is a great sense of pride and achievement when a basket is finished. It is a great boost for self-esteem and really helps to develop confidence in what they can achieve.

To celebrate achievements, we encourage our residents to work towards a certificate of achievement within the basket workshop. Created by our workshop leader, the certificate gives a positive goal to work towards and recognises and celebrates the attainment of new skills.


Crafts Workshop

Within our Arts & Crafts workshop our residents work on a number of different crafts including card making, clay work, jewellery making, mosaic and seasonal crafts.

The workshop leader and the residents will work together to decide which crafts or pieces of work that they would like to create. During periods like Easter or Christmas we will focus more on seasonal themed activities.

Every week we focus on a different craft and we like to explore new mediums and techniques.

Like the baskets workshop, our arts and crafts workshop is a great way to relax and reduce tension. It is also the perfect place to express creativity and develop creative talents.

We create many beautiful pieces within this workshop such as cards, candle holders, and mosaic pieces, all of which are then made available in our Shop.

If you would like more information about our Baskets and Crafts Workshop then please get in touch.


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