The weavery is a wonderfully creative space our residents can go using traditional methods of weaving. We have a wonderful room equipped with traditional weaving frames and loops and other equipment we need to create our finished products.

Everything that we produce is made from natural fibres such as wool, cotton and linen and we create beautiful, purposeful items. We create a variety of rugs

All of our residents have different levels of abilities.

There projects are all crafted by hand and when a project is complete we really take the time to celebrate what has been made and which gives the chance for our residents to shine and really feel proud of what they have achieved.

Every project is different and so all of our handcrafted items will be unique

Our weavery workshop takes place in our bright and airy weavery studio in our Pennyland site.


We use traditional wooden looms including large floor standing looms and smaller table top looms to produce a wide range of beautiful woven creations such as blankets, rugs, table runners and cushions.

We use natural materials such as wool, cotton and linen. We experiment with colours and materials and each item we make is unique..

Our residents learn the skills required to work on the different types of looms and also the craft of weaving itself. Our weaver is led by an experienced workshop leader and is supported by our co workers who are also trained in weaving and sewing skills.

Residents work together in the studio but will work on their own specific projects.

The skills and actions involved in weaving  can develop fine motor skills, spatial awareness and physical coordination.

Whilst relaxing and therapeutic,  many of our projects can take some time to complete and so our residents develop a sense of patience and perseverance to see the project through until the end.

Our finished projects are such a fantastic achievement and are celebrated as such with a presentation to the rest of the group.

We have created some truly wonderful pieces in our weaver which our residents proudly display at our community and family gatherings. Our pieces of excellent quality and are also available to purchase in our online shop.

In the weavers we use traditional looms and needlecraft skills. Use different techniques and equipment.


We have traditional wooden floor looms and table top looms which our residents work at. And we can choose the loom dependant on their phusical abilities.

Residents are involved in the initial design and planning stages with the support of the workshop leader. So they can decide what it is they would like to make and what colours they would like to use. Then the design can be planned, the threads chosen and the process can begin.

Each resident can be involved in each step of the process depending on their skills and abilities.

Some will get involved in setting up the looms and all the preparation stages whilst others will get straight into the weaving. It really depends on what are residents are able to do.

However we do try to get our residents to try out new things. Sometimes this may not feel easy but over time we support our residents to take the steps to develop their skills and to take a work through the challenges.

A real sense of satisfaction and happiness when it comes off the loom.

Hand-eye coordination, work the loom, the tension and watch the fabric as it is creted. Identifying problems and then rectifying them. Overcoming challenges

It is therapeutic and meditative.

As well  as the weaver our residents can also do other needlework skills . They are also able to bring in their own preferred projects if there is

something we want to work on

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