Camphill Milton Keynes aims to offer its residents a good quality of life by providing support in a friendly, relaxed and stimulating environment. The support we offer meets each resident’s assessed daily living needs and encourages them towards self reliance.


Each resident in Camphill Milton Keynes has their own room and has signed a tenancy agreement.
Our residents live with and are supported by our staff and co-workers who are all committed to helping them become more self-reliant in the community setting
Our co-workers are both long term and short term volunteers who after completing their induction training live as part of a household and get involved in the life of the whole community through supporting workshops, social and cultural events.
Our co-workers come from all over the world. For the residents, and for everyone within the community, it is a life-enhancing experience to live with people from different countries who can share something of their own culture, language, cuisine and outlook on life.


Our co-workers provide direct support to the residents with their daily household tasks such as personal laundry, cleaning and tidying, cooking and shopping: it essential to the smooth running of each household that everyone contributes. The house co-ordinators give advice and guidance to guest co-workers about their role.
All short-term co-workers take part in workshops. When they arrive, they are given the opportunity to try all the workshops during their first two weeks. After that they will have a regular timetable based on a balance of their wishes and where support is needed.

Working and Learning

During the week the residents are busy. Some go to college or work outside the community, while many choose to attend Camphill Milton Keynes workshops and work there regularly.
In the evenings and at weekends there is time for sharing a wide range of activities and interests. Some residents like to make their own arrangements, while others need a bit of help. Many of the residents spend their evening in the social room – a space for games, conversation, watching TV together, refreshments and so on.
Newly arrived co-workers from abroad are encouraged to practice their English by talking with the residents, especially those who can’t read well, providing them with information about what is happening in the world. Co-workers in need of additional help to build their language skills are provided with English lessons: but they are expected to have reasonable ability in spoken English when they arrive.
The residents and co-workers of CMKC have chosen to live in this intentional community. They share festivals, concerts, outings, parties, sports and events of all kinds; they create plays, make music, give talks… These activities bring everyone together, and work best when everyone joins in.

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