Camphill Milton Keynes provides a rich programme of Workshops open to all of our residents and to those who come here as Day Service users.

Our Workshops offer a fantastic way to learn new skills and gain valuable work and life experiences all within a safe and supportive environment.

We support a wide range of interests and abilities within our workshops which can range from helping in our gardens, learning arts and crafts, working in our café, or learning new IT and social media skills.

Each of our workshops is led by a trained workshop coordinator who also specialises in that subject area. They are supported in each session by our fully trained volunteer co-workers. Groups are kept small so that each person can be given the individual attention and support that they need.

Our workshops run Monday to Friday with morning and afternoon sessions. The regular scheduling of our workshops also helps to provide a structure and routine to day to day life here at Camphill Milton Keynes as well as giving a sense of meaning and purpose to the day.

Our workshops provide a relaxed and friendly environment and can be a great way for people to regularly get together, make friends and socialise.

Below you can find out more information about each of the workshops that we currently run here at Camphill Milton Keynes.

If you would like more information or details on how to join one of our workshops then please get in touch, speak with your social worker or Eccho Team worker

Tech Lab Workshop

Our Tech Lab Workshop is where our users can learn new ICT skills and develop…


  The newsletter group meets each week to discuss, plan, write and publish Camphill’s newsletter.…

Weavery Workshop

The weavery is a wonderfully creative space our residents can go using traditional methods of…

Shop Workshop

Our wonderful Camphill specialises in organic wholefoods and handmade crafts. We serve and welcome visitors…

Café Workshop

Our popular Camphill Café is run by our staff, volunteers and residents, we serve a…

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