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Download out latest CMKC Newsletter Issue 58

In our Newsletter Workshop we are the journalists and reporters of our community.

Our resident photographer Alex professionally captures precious moments to accompany our published news and thought stories. In our newsletter we cover community events and gatherings, important events outside Camphill, talented residents with their artistic creations and anything that happens in the Chrysalis Theatre. The photos and stories are shared in our newsletters, Alex’s own blog on our website, or on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

In addition to news reporting, the newsletters also feature regular columns:

  • Joe’s monthly horoscope inspired by his special physic intuition
  • Alison F explores different countries and cultures in ‘Alison F’s Culture Panorama’
  • Judy discusses culture, religion, employment and empowerment through voluntary work and involvement with various initiatives in her special column
  • Fiona teaches bite sized Makaton by demonstrating herself in ‘Learn Makaton with Fiona’
  • Mandy takes her lens to different workshops and brings the newest developments
  • Stuart inspires and encourages readers with the power of his health and fitness tips
  • Amy’s prolific writing of various topics
  • Lee S and Freddy’s reports of all sorts of personal or group activities

The newsletter is also a place to welcome newcomers and say goodbye to those leaving the community. From time to time, members conduct interviews with residents, co-workers and staff to help bring our community closer.

Our resident members do their best with their unique talents and abilities and work really hard to make the newsletters interesting, up-to-date, relevant and empowering.

Of course we relax too when taking a little break from assignments, we like to challenge the community with games and competitions, and we make sure that we always win by sending our most fierce players.

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