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Life at Camphill MK Communities can be rewarding, challenging and beneficial for many people. For anyone considering becoming a resident, we’ve published a series of interviews with community members about living, working and volunteering at CMKC.

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Working in care in a support role can be challenging but a whole lot more rewarding! We’ve been chatting to our team about why they chose social and support care work in the first place, why it’s the best decision they have ever made and what it really means to help people achieve their goals. Here’s an interview with our Care and Support Manager, Tom B. CMKC: What attracted you to work in social care? TB: I started like many of the co-workers at Camphill as an international volunteer in the USA. I had different plans for my life up until then but found the experience of working with adults/children with learning disabilities so rewarding that I changed my career plans and started as a Support Worker a couple of years after finishing University. I haven’t looked back since!   CMKC: What do you like about social care? TB: It’s meaningful, varied and vital work. Initially, I loved just helping people on a day-to-day basis to develop their independence. Eventually, I started to enjoy writing care plans, managing staff and improving services for multiple people. I love designing care and support which has a real impact on the lives of others and gives them an opportunity to thrive. CMKC: What do you find most rewarding working in social care? TB: I love the human element of my work. I like to contemplate moral and ethical issues (which come up a lot!) and challenge the way that we think about those living with disabilities. I think it makes us more rounded people.   CMKC: What is your typical day like at Camphill? TB: Busy! I am based in the office and manage the care and support staff, oversee the support provided to our residents, as well as managing the timetable. I work with residents and families to discuss issues and spend a lot of time planning for the future. I love working at Camphill MK because I have the freedom to develop and evolve the care and support we provide all the time, and I’m excited about our future. One minute I’m writing a business proposal and the next minute I’m in one of the houses cutting up a haggis. It really is a varied and fascinating job.   CMKC: What’s your most memorable experience working in Camphill/social care? TB: I’ve had some very memorable experiences. As an 18-year-old in a foreign …

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