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CMKC Festive Hamper


On Saturday, we will be selling raffle tickets to win our Camphill MK Hamper. Jam-packed (ahem) full of home-grown and home-made goodies, join us on 10th to win it. The hamper includes: *Rich fruit cake ready for decorating *Raw cider Vinegar *Dried Tomatoes *Raw Honey *Blackcurrant Jam *Strawberry Jam *Warming Quince Jam *Bengali Style Chutney *Apple and Date Chutney *Beetroot Chutney *Festive cushion cover *Mosaic Mirror *Voucher for two course lunch for two people

giv project


Last month we took part in a wonderful partnership with the GIV project joining our theatre groups with local schools. GIV help local young people to build confidence, self-esteem and skills through supported volunteering so we got together to put on a show called ‘A Balloon For Granddad’ which was held in our Chrysalis Theatre. Everyone enjoyed our collaboration with inspiring young people and overall it was a great success! Thanks to Julia and everyone involved in the planning and preparation of the activity.

women of camphill


Continuing with our series of interviews with the Women on Camphill, we chat to resident Tamsin about the importance of looking out for one another and how adapting to challenges can inspire confidence. CMKC: What’s your name and what’s your role in the community? T: I’m Tamsin, a resident at Camphill. CMKC: How long have you been involved with the community? T: Many years! CMKC: What’s your most memorable experience in the community? T: Janne and Lucas wedding two years ago. CMKC: How important do you think women are to this community? T: Women are very important. We look after each, especially in vulnerable situations. CMKC: Do you think women’s influence has changed over time in the community? T: Women take on new roles when it’s necessary. I remember helping out in a nursery in Downs Barn a long time ago, and the experience helped me to be more confident. CMKC: What’s your expectation of yourself and the community for the future? T: I would like to see more plays in the theatre. CMKC: Who in your opinion is a hero of Camphill? T: Joan and Hanne. CMKC: What is your favourite thing to do outside the community? T: Going to the cinema to see different films and also going to the theatre.

camphill milton keynes communuty theatre


What an afternoon that was! We’re still buzzing from our community performance of Joseph. One of the unique things about us is that we work hard to ‘build community’ by getting people involved in projects that are not much to do with their work but create a social and cultural activity where we all have a part to play. These projects bring out the best in our creativity and when we get together for a big performance in our Chrysalis Theatre we really feel a sense of community and achievement. Our resident photographer Alex captured these moments, which we will remember for some time. Congratulations to everyone involved!

The Three Little Pigs – Teaser

This film is just a ‘taster’ of a project that our drama team have been working on for a while.
Based on a modern take of the English fable ‘The Three Little Pigs’ the story tells of the dangers sometimes faced by us all in the modern world and suggests some really practical steps we can take to keep safe at home, on-line and when out and about.
Our drama group members have had great fun drafting the script together and have performed live at events like our local learning disability partnership board meeting.
The film is a longer term project and this scene is not quite finished but we wanted to share a taste of things to come!
Big thanks to our trustee Jeremy Cooper for his work on the film and post production.


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