On 23rd January 1967 a decision was made to create a brand new city around a little village called Milton Keynes. To celebrate the founders of this new commercial center in Buckinghamshire, The Milton Keynes Rose Foundation created The Founders Pillar, which acknowledges the diverse range of people who contributed to the build, social, commercial & cultural development of our city. One of the key figures involved in the creation of Milton Keynes is someone very dear to us. Morwenna Bucknall was one of the founders of not just the city, but also our very own Camphill MK Community. A teacher, advocate for social justice and a truly inspirational woman, we think of her today. Why not visit The Milton Keynes Rose public place in Central Milton Keynes this weekend? It’s free and open to everyone for celebration, commemoration and contemplation.

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Natural Flower Dyes

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We have been exploring the ancient craft of natural flower dyeing. Using flowers and leaves grown in our Garden Workshop we have been turning these natural plants into dyes. Our Art & Craft Workshop has created this project to design autumnal silk scarves that we will sell at the upcoming Winter Food & Craft Fair on November 11th.     Save Save

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Last week we took part in our Community Harvest Celebration. Camphill traditionally uses this time to reflect and celebrate all that has been produced and achieved this year. From a great garden harvest to creating fabrics, telling stories through mosaics and shadow play, even cycling miles to break out own records and taking part in a local arts exhibition, we have so much to be thankful for! Great work by all residents, volunteers & staff!

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Bakery Workshop

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Work is seen as an important part of residents’ lives; it helps to develop their full potential and their sense of responsibility and dignity. Our Bakery Workshop is very much a part of this. We make varieties of fresh bread each week morning using traditional recipes. If you love the smell of bread you can imagine how our bakery smells! We sell freshly baked break in our Shop and serve it in our Cafe too. Here’s to ABILITY!

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Weavery Workshop

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Learning new skills is what we’re all about. Our residents, volunteers and staff all take part in the many workshops and activities throughout the year. Some of us prefer to be in the bakery, some in the tools workshops, while others have natural talents with fabric, cotton and textiles. Our Weavery Workshop is dear to us as we get to learn how to traditionally make fabric that we can then turn into cushions, rugs, throws & more. To see our creations, visit our Shop!

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