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We continue to speak to our residents to find out what life is like at our community. We discuss challenges, the community, likes and more! Read on to find out more about Helen and her life at CMKC. CMKC: Where did you live before you came here? HG: I lived with my parents in Milton Keynes. Before coming to Camphill, I tried another place, but it did not work out, so I moved back to my parents’ home. CMKC: What were the most significant changes and challenges of moving to Camphill? HG: There weren’t many challenges as I got on really well with the residents who were already living in Soltane House, especially Ali and Peter, who made me feel at home immediately and helped me to settle in fairly quickly. When I first moved in, I had a bedroom on the first floor. Climbing up the stairs was a little difficult, so as soon as a bedroom on the ground floor became available, I was able to move into it, and I’m pleased with the move. CMKC: What do you like best about Camphill Milton Keynes? HG: I really like the friendly people in Camphill.  My ’64 Club’ now is within walking distance, during the summer I often walk to the club with a member of staff. I’m still in close vicinity of my parents, and every week I go home once or twice to spend time with them as well as catch up with my extended family members. I’m also very happy that my parents can continue to take me to my ‘Wednesday Club’. There are a lot of gatherings, parties and special events here, being a very sociable person, this kind of environment really suits me. CMKC: What have you learned or achieved since coming here? HG: I joined Emi’s craft workshop after moving here, at the moment I’m focusing on needlework. I think I have made quite a lot of improvement! In the meantime, I carry on attending my placement with McIntyre in Beanhill and Great Holm. CMKC: What are your hopes and plans for the future? HG: I’m happy with how things are at the moment and look forward to enjoying many more happy years in Camphill. We now have vacancies for residents, to find out more, please visit our Residents page.


Every day is different in social care. Helping others, having compassion and patience are the key skills in becoming a support worker. You don’t even need qualifications to start, just a real love of people! We’ve been speaking to our support workers about working in care, their motivation, what each day is like and what advice they would give to those considering a career working in care.   CMKC: What’s your name and your current position? JA: James Asomaning and I am a support worker.   CMKC: What attracted you to work in social care? JA: I realised there’s a continually increasing number of people who genuinely need care and support and since I had the passion for supporting others who need it, I saw it as an excellent opportunity to make a positive and helpful contribution to people’s lives each day.   CMKC: What do you find most rewarding working in social care? JA: The joy and fulfilling feeling that I am helping to make someone’s life more meaningful and a little easier each day through my role as a support worker.   CMKC: What is your typical day like at Camphill? JA: All days are not the same, but typically, it starts by checking the house in which I work to ensure all is well and safe for all residents. I interact with each resident to find out if they have any concerns or issue regarding their health or wellbeing that needs urgent attention. I continue with administering medication and assisting those who self-medicate to ensure there are no accidents. I check for all appointments and allocate escorts, help residents get ready and set for their individual routines and workshops, arrange transportation, help with personal support time then followed by domestic duties and finally ensure supper is freshly prepared before all residents return to the house. The evenings are usually climaxed with either a recreational or educational activity, followed by personal grooming assistance, night medication etc. After that, it’s goodnight to residents and preparation for the following day.   CMKC: What’s your most memorable experience working in Camphill/social care? JA: Each day comes with great memories of its own, but it’s a great joy when residents gather in the theatre for community events, music and drama among others. Seeing how happy they are and offering the support they need is very fulfilling.   CMKC: What do you hope …

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Working in care in a support role can be challenging but a whole lot more rewarding! We’ve been chatting to our team about why they chose social and support care work in the first place, why it’s the best decision they have ever made and what it really means to help people achieve their goals. Here’s an interview with our Care and Support Manager, Tom B. CMKC: What attracted you to work in social care? TB: I started like many of the co-workers at Camphill as an international volunteer in the USA. I had different plans for my life up until then but found the experience of working with adults/children with learning disabilities so rewarding that I changed my career plans and started as a Support Worker a couple of years after finishing University. I haven’t looked back since!   CMKC: What do you like about social care? TB: It’s meaningful, varied and vital work. Initially, I loved just helping people on a day-to-day basis to develop their independence. Eventually, I started to enjoy writing care plans, managing staff and improving services for multiple people. I love designing care and support which has a real impact on the lives of others and gives them an opportunity to thrive. CMKC: What do you find most rewarding working in social care? TB: I love the human element of my work. I like to contemplate moral and ethical issues (which come up a lot!) and challenge the way that we think about those living with disabilities. I think it makes us more rounded people.   CMKC: What is your typical day like at Camphill? TB: Busy! I am based in the office and manage the care and support staff, oversee the support provided to our residents, as well as managing the timetable. I work with residents and families to discuss issues and spend a lot of time planning for the future. I love working at Camphill MK because I have the freedom to develop and evolve the care and support we provide all the time, and I’m excited about our future. One minute I’m writing a business proposal and the next minute I’m in one of the houses cutting up a haggis. It really is a varied and fascinating job.   CMKC: What’s your most memorable experience working in Camphill/social care? TB: I’ve had some very memorable experiences. As an 18-year-old in a foreign …

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Ever wanted to know what life is like at Camphill MK Communities? We continue our Humans of Camphill project and find out what life is really like at our community from the perspective of our residents and service users. First up is Alan T., read on to find out more! CMKC: How did you hear about Camphill? AT: My brother Norman has been volunteering at Camphill for many years and I got to know Camphill through my brother. CMKC:  What do you like about Camphill? AT: I made new friends at my house, with residents and staff already. There are many friendly people at Camphill, and I like the workshops here too. I have tried tools workshop, gardens, bakery, newsletter, and my favourite workshop is arts and craft and the Sunday art class, as I love painting. CMKC: What is your favourite food and drink? AT: Banger and mash. I like to drink water, tea and diesel (this is a joke☺). CMKC: What’s your favourite TV programme? AT: Escape to the Country, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, East Enders and Homes Under the Hammer. CMKC: What’s your favourite animal? AT: Horses, as my granddad used to have a farm and he kept horses along with other animals like donkeys, alpacas, chicken, goats etc. I like cats and dogs too. CMKC: What animal would you like to be and why? AT: Definitely a horse! CMKC: What are your hobbies? AT: I love classical music, taiji and yoga. CMKC: Where did you live before Camphill? AT: Woodbridge, Suffolk. CMKC: What did you do before Camphill? AT: I worked in a food workshop in a place near Ipswich. CMKC: Do you like football? AT: No, football is not my cup of tea. I love watching show jumping instead. We now have vacancies for residents, to find out more, please visit our Residents page.


We’ve been celebrating our amazing volunteers this week with the run up to our very own Recruitment & Volunteer Fair today. We want to say an extra special thanks to Hanne D., our super volunteer-hero, who has been volunteering at various Camphills for over sixty years! “I came to Camphill in 1955 wanting to learn English. I stayed for so many years because I liked the work with children, and I loved the way Camphill shared life. My task in Camphill was as a teacher and as housemother (co-worker), and I spent most of my Camphill life at the Sheiling Schools in Ringwood. I attended a three-year course in curative education, which was very interesting and helpful for the work we did. I appreciated the many festivals and plays that happen in the communities”. (As told to Guimin M. and the Newsletter & Tech Lab Workshops)

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