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At The Vegetable Stall

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Last week it was the turn of the Gardens & Land Craft Workshop to host the community assembly. Celebrating the gardens and all that they give us, the group presented a rather lovely poem – At The Vegetable Stall by Jan Brzechwa. At the vegetable stall on a market day This is what they say: “You may lean on me, Mr Dill, Especially when you look so ill” “What can I say, Mr Chive, I have been here since five!” Then to that Kohlrabi replied: “Look at Turnip – she’s well-supplied!” Pea pats Turnip on the belly: “Do you still feel like a jelly?” “Oh, thank you, Mr Pea, Life goes on dopily.” But Miss Parsnip – she is weak: Pale, thin – she can’t fall asleep!” “What a life!” Celery gave a sigh. Mr Beetroot is full of alarm Against Miss Onion’s dire charm: “Beetroot, my prince charming, Wouldn’t you like such a darling?” Mr Beetroot looks in an angry way: “Please, go straight away, I want a Beetroot-wife, Life with you would be a strife.” “What a life”, Celery gave a sigh. Mr Bean can be heard: “Did you come to join the herd?!” “Don’t be so harsh on me”, Miss Sprout answered irately. “Have you ever seen such a brawler?”, Carrot got hot under the collar. “Let’s ask Cabbage for help!” “Cabbage? She’s a whelp!” Cabbage asks them sadly: “Why are you quarreling so madly, Why all the stupid strife, When soup is our afterlife!” “What a life”, Celery gave a sigh.

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