pilgrim's progress


Creativity is a part of everything we do here at Camphill MK. Artistic expression as well as performance lie at the heart of getting the community together and away from our daily work and responsibilities. Back in April we were involved in a very special performance of Pilgrim’s Progress where all of our community took part in a shadow-play musical performance. Our version of the ‘moral-story’ focused on key positive aspects of human existence exploring life as a journey. You can watch the remake of the performance, created by our trustee Jeremy Cooper here –

pilgrim's progress


Our residents, co-workers, staff and volunteers were involved in a very special performance project over the Easter Holiday.  Performed by the community over three days last week, Pilgrim’s Progress was a musical play with a ‘moral story’. An adaptation from the Christian allegory written by John Bunyan whilst he was in Bedford prison for preaching outside the Church of England in 1678, our version focused on key positive aspects of human existence. Exploring life as a journey, the broadening people’s horizons and experiences through travel, and how community and a sense of purpose is the key to fulfilling lives. A truly community wide project, everyone had a part as a musician, shadow performer or narrator.   One of the rather unique things about Camphill MK is that we work hard to ‘build community’ by getting people involved in projects that are not much to do with their work but create social and cultural activity where we all have a part to play. It’s about meeting as people rather than as residents, staff, managers etc.    Thanks to everyone involved and to our very own acclaimed director Joan Harris for making such a wonderful project happen! Save Save Save

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