With the upcoming launch of our Humans of Camphill project, we are kicking things off with Women of Camphill in the run-up to International Women’s Day this week. We have spoken to the amazing women in our community about what it means to be a woman and the impact they have on society and Camphill. Here’s the first lady to be featured, Fiona D. “I am Fiona, I am a resident of Camphill. I have lived in this community for a long time. I love art work and I am brilliant at doing jigsaws. I’m also very good at photography. As I don’t communicate verbally, I have learned to read and write very well. I also communicate using a form of sign language – Makaton. As a member of the newsletter team, I teach our readers Makaton by demonstrating a few words in each of the issues. I think women make great contributions to the society and our community. My vision for the future is that Camphill continues to provide a caring environment where our potentials are nurtured and maximized”.

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