For our Women of Camphill project, we chat to resident Anna D about life at Camphill MK Communities and why women are great at companionship and personal improvements.

CMKC: What’s your name and what’s your role in the community?
AD: Anna, resident.

CMKC: How long you have been involved with the community?
AD: I came in October 2008, the same year as Manoela.

CMKC: What’s your most memorable experience in the community?
AD: When I moved to Whitethorn, I got a lot of help from Caroline, Josune and Vanessa.

CMKC: How important do you think women are to this community?
AD: Really really important, because without female members, how boring would it be!?

CMKC: Do you think women’s influence has changed over time in the community?
AD: Women take on different jobs when there are opportunities, same as woman residents, as they are constantly improving themselves.

CMKC: What’s your expectation of yourself and the community for the future?
AD: I would love to see a woodwork workshop.

CMKC: Who in your opinion is a hero of Camphill?
AD: Tammy and Guimin.

CMKC: What is your favourite thing to do outside the community?
AD: I like to walk to town with my parents and eat out.

CMKC: Who within the community would you like to nominate for a Q & A?
AD: Josune. She was my house coordinator, and she worked very hard to look after the house.

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