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Our mission is to build communities where people live, work, learn and celebrate life together.

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Willen Park

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The Willen Park village is the focus of Camphill Milton Keynes Communities (CMKC). This is where most of the community’s activities are based including our office, the Café, our Chrysalis Theatre, the Shop and main garden and orchard.
Most community members live here, and this is where most meetings and social activities take place. There are five houses here: Sunwood/Willow-wood, Margaret Powell, Whitethorn, Blackthorn and Appleyard. The houses form a horseshoe around a lawn, often where football, cricket, and celebrations of all kinds take place.
There are more houses close to the Willen Park village, in Sakura Drive, Thorneycroft Lane and Pennyland, where some residents live more independently, with co-workers visiting to support them (floating support).
Our community support team also support people who live across Milton Keynes in different settings.



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Our Pennyland site is the smaller of the two and was the first to be established in the mid 1980s by our Camphill pioneers. There are more workshops in a building called Michael’s Akyre, a walled garden for growing vegetables, soft fruit and herbs plus our weaver, craft workshop and tools for self-reliance. The three residential houses are called Oberlin, Soltane, and Kazantzakis.


The Chrysalis – More That a Theatre

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In our Willen Park location is The Chrysalis Theatre, a modern multi-function venue that serves as a theater, concert hall and meeting place for CMKC and for the wider community of Milton Keynes.

It has become recognised as a prestigious receiving venue, not only in Milton Keynes but also beyond, with the famous names of Warwick Davis, Priscilla Presley, Barry Humphreys, Felix Dennis and Jonathan Dimbleby (BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions?). With a particular interested in innovative, high-quality productions, music and dance, we are able to provide the community with a wide perspective of performance, particularly if it has significance for those with learning disabilities.



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Work and creative activities are recognised as important aspects of our lives; they help us to develop our potential, a sense of responsibility and dignity. From craft to music and technology, our workshops include: Gardens, Bakery, Art & Craft, Land Craft, Café, Shop, The Chrysalis, Tools for Self Reliance (a separate charity), Music Groups, Tech Lab and Newsletter Group. Our workshop activities are always changing to meet the needs and aspirations of the people attending them.

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Camphill Milton Keynes is registered with the Care Quality Commission: visit their site to see the latest report on the care we provide










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