Art & Craft Workshop

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The Art & Craft Workshop aims to reduce stress and encourage relaxation of body and mind through art and craft as well as exercising the fine motor skills involved in art and craft activity.

Service users can express themselves through the various art and craft mediums, make friends and get to know each other and also meet international co-workers, staff and volunteers.

The Art & Craft Workshop allows all levels of abilities to get involved in learning and developing their skills.

All residents who take part in the creative workshop have individual art and craft projects related to their interest and backgrounds.

Almost everyone can draw and paint and service users have their own sketchbooks which we also call ‘feelings books’.

The workshop also covers –

– Needle work – stitching, sewing, embroidery and patchwork

– Paper collage and Papiermâché

– Natural dyeing and flower printing

– Clay work

– Marbling on paper and fabric

– Mosaic making

– Jewelry making using beads, glass and mosaic

– Concrete model making

– Japanese woodcarving and block carving

– Basket weaving

– Mask and model making using plaster

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We are developing new techniques every day!

The Art & Craft Workshop also creates new experiences for service users, volunteers and staff by organising opportunities to show the work at exhibitions in the wider community.

The crafted items are sold at the biannual Craft Fair and in the community Café and ETSY Shop.

The workshop also creates craft and art pieces for the community public spaces and homes.

The creative achievements are shared in the newsletter, on the Camphill community blog, on social media and in the local press.

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