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In our Tech Lab Workshop we really get techy!
It is a place for residents, co-workers and members of staff to catch up with modern technologies and to use their newly acquired skills to live life to the full.
Be it to email, Skype, Facebook or Tweet families, friends and loved ones, we also create photo albums or films of memorable moments in life.
We really enjoy making digital birthday and thank you cards, catching up on the latest sporting events and weather whilst enjoying relaxing music or a funny video clip online.

In our workshop we also publish content for our CMKC Internet Radio (listen below) and on to our Vimeo page.


In the Tech Lab the word “disability” is not in our dictionary and residents take on tasks according to their interests and abilities.  Even if someone is only able to recognise the alphabet and a few numbers, with support, collaboration and persistence, an online presence and the benefits of modern technology can still be very much enjoyed. What is more fulfilling is to see the faces of our service users catching up with family from far flung corners of the world via Facebook and seeing them connect on LinkedIn and Yahoo Mail on a smart phone!

In the Tech Lab we don’t just have fun while we learn. We actually work! We collaborate with our Shop, Café and other workshops to produce flyers, leaflets, signs and maps. Our resident members are full of ideas and artistic abilities that really help when we’re stuck for inspiration.

We are also very serious and up-to-date with our online health and safety. Our residents have learned to take regular breaks and rest their eyes while working with an electronic device. Emails, Facebook and other social media accounts all have necessary safety settings turned on to minimise the risk of online exploitation.

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