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Based on the founding Principles of Karl Koenig and Rudolf Steiner we hold true to our principles in a modern context, supporting over 50 adults with a range if individual needs in the busy “new town” of Milton Keynes. We value our staff, residents, volunteers, families and carers and view ourselves together as one supportive and vibrant community within the bigger community of Milton Keynes.

Karl Koenig – an Austrian Pediatrician founded the first Camphill Community in Aberdeen in the 1940s. His vision was of a true “Community” supporting people with learning disabilities in an environment that considered:

  1. The spiritual integrity and value of each human being.
  2. The need to strive towards independence whilst maintaining healthy social interactions and relationships.
  3. The recognition of meaningful activity and the need for everyone to experience a worthwhile and satisfying working life.

These principles were quite inspirational at the time – most support instead being provided to disabled people in closed institutional settings that were separate from society and often quite unpleasant and lacking stimulation. As time has moved on thankfully views have changed and we are now in a more inclusive society, however the concept of “community” is in our view lost when expectations of independence fail to address our need to belong to community and to be valued by that community for what you can give back and what you can achieve. We know that our people are talented, creative individuals and we celebrate that positive diversity rather than simply focusing on what people need help with.

Our residents have individual tailored packages of care and support within a community that not only accepts but also values each persons individual contribution and aims to share life’s achievements along with all of its ups and downs. We maintain close links with the wider community through our public workshops such as the Chrysalis Theatre, our wonderful vegetarian Cafe, our Bakery and our Craft Shop.

Many of our co-workers come here as volunteers, staying with us for at least one year. Receiving training, board and lodgings and a rich life experience in return for their work and support of our residents.

However we also have a growing employed staff team engaged in a range of roles including Care & Support, running workshops and supporting the administration and related work of the Charity.

Our staff are committed to achieving the best that they can for our residents in whatever role they undertake. No one would suggest it’s easy. Some of our workshops like the gardens, bakery and Cafe can be hard physical work, the offices are often busy and the work in the care and support team can be challenging and emotionally draining at times. However we work together as a community to support each other, we provide induction and training, annual appraisal and ongoing supervision alongside individual support for all of our staff.  We share in the successes and achievements of each individual – together.

If you think you have something special to offer people to Learning Disabilities in Milton Keynes then we want to hear from you!

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